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"I thought it would be silly, giving him a name. I don’t suppose spiders really have names … And anyway, it’s important not to become too friendly with the suspect"

A play in one act by Linden Hogarth
As part of the New Writing Festival 2017

Detectives McCurdy and Vince are trying to solve the case of the mysteriously disappearing Aristeas. And they have been for seven years. Locked in the same room, with the same dead-end clues, they must try and find the missing man, with little more than a window, a single interview, and one solitary spider...

Inspired by Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Linden Hogarth's new comedy in one act will make you laugh, groan, and question just how crime can be linked so closely with Arachnology.




Phillipa Lawford

Alex Rugman



Set Designer

Lighting Designer


Georgie Botham

Linden Hogarth

Mischa Andreski

Catriona Bolt

Alice England

Ben Darwent




Oxford Opening Night

"‘Aristeas’ gets my vote for the best two-hander."


"Director Georgie Botham has achieved a wonderful Godot-esque quality to her characters"


"like nothing I’d expected"

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