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"There was nothing 'lovely' about that, you idiot. That was art is what that was."

Book and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht

Music by Kurt Weill

English adaptation by Simon Stephens

Oxford Playhouse, October 2018

The coronation is looming, London is restless, and no-one is safe from the corrupt Mr and Mrs Peachum. When their daughter elopes in the middle of the night, a man-hunt begins through the grimy backstreets, brothels, and gallows of the city beyond morality, scouring the East End for her crime-lord husband. Mack the Knife is back.


Expect no arias as SLAM Theatre invites you on a jaunt into the underbelly of London, accompanied by Weill’s timeless score and Simon Stephens’ bold new adaptation of Brecht’s libretto. Come shed your scruples and dive into a world determined to destroy itself in this titillating display of grit, wit, blood, sex and politics.

Morality is not a simple matter.



J J Peachum
Mrs P
Polly Peachum

Tiger Brown


Lucy Brown



Pastor Kimble
Jimmy "Retail"
Walter, aka The Scholar

Eoghan McNelis

Marcus Knight-Adams

Ella Tournes

Emelye Moulton

Alex Buchanan

Amelia Holt

Maddy Page

Louis Cunningham

Ryan Lea

Gavin Fleming

Kerenza Hurr

Eloise Kenny-Ryder


Musical Director


Assistant Director

Assistant Producer
Assistant Musical Director

Set Designer / Production Manager

Production Manager
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer

Associate Sound Design
Costume Designer

Assistant Costume


Marketing Managers

Marketing Assistants


Education and Access

Graphic Designer

Georgie Botham

Emilia Clark

Matthew Jackson

Issy Paul

Rhiannon Ogden-Jones

Josh Cottell

Christina Hill

Alex Walker

Cherona Chapman

Andrew Orr

Kavana Crossley

Chloe Dootson-Graube

Beth McCullagh



Emma Corris

Harry Lukakis

Jessica Bradley

Kristen Cope

Laura Coppinger

Franciscka Csongrady

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Photography and editing by Ben Darwent



Oxford Opening Night

"I’m struck with the thought: this is how it’s supposed to be done."

"The Threepenny Opera manages to capture that rarest of things – a highly-studied piece which still manages to be an enjoyable watch. What could be more impressive than that?"

Read the full review HERE

The Cherwell

"SLAM Theatre’s The Threepenny Opera is not to be missed. As the first production of Simon Stephens’s adaptation since the National’s in 2016, SLAM makes the most of this exciting opportunity with their exhilarating and hilariously vibrant revival."

"Though the play is prefaced with a warning that “there will be no moralising tonight”, SLAM’s revival of The Threepenny Opera speaks to social problems of abuse and poverty, offering a compelling performance that is both unsettling and wonderfully entertaining."

"If at times the play borders on the absurd, it is prevented from ever becoming too chaotic by tight direction and well-rehearsed timings. Indeed, the performance was skilfully balanced, combining crude scenes of poverty and prostitution with hilarious slapstick comedy."

Read the full review HERE

Daily Info

"Self-awareness and a sense of humour about your work are probably the two most important things needed to make a student play succeed, and director Georgie Botham’s conception of Brecht’s famous satire The Threepenny Opera had these by the bucketload."

"a visual treat of a production, the SLAM Theatre students using every square centimetre, both horizontally and vertically, of the Playhouse's ample space."

"an excellent rendition of a classic play, true to the spirit of the original - at once entertaining, uncomfortable and thought-provoking - and with some innovative twists of its own."

Read the full review HERE


Director, Georgie, interviewing playwright Simon Stephens at the Oxford Playhouse in October 2018


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