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"I’d like to eat your heart out, if you don’t mind"

Part of the OUDS New Writing Festival 2018

"Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master."

- Christian Lous Lange

In an age where we have control over our online presence, we can filter and tweak, or even rewrite and delete, people or events from the record of our lives. As they say, "pics or it didn't happen"...

Shock Therapy is a dark portrayal of what it looks like to perform humanity in the age of technological excess and subjective isolation. Taking inspiration from news bias, the #metoo movement, this piece for the New Writing Festival 2018 is jarring, innovative, and spiteful. It is a production that milks the pessimism of the modern age for all it is worth and more.









Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Graphics Designer
Stage Manager

Georgina Botham
Emilia Clark 
Jonny Danciger
Christina Hill
Sophie Kuang 
Rhiannon Ogden-Jones


Oxford Opening Night

"Shock Therapy is twisted, unpredictable, and at times repulsive. It is also charming, riotous, and very amusing"


"As the audience took their seats, the cast fussed about the stage with an endearing energy that belied the dystopian content to come. What followed was a series of four stories, each centring around one character in turn, and each more disturbing than the last."


"There are balloons, there is fried chicken and there is a sense of existential dread – what more could we ask for in 2018?"

Read the full review HERE



"Shock Therapy took the audience through various ways of understanding our past, our present and our future, with all three perspectives conditioned by a certain degree of pessimism, disappointment, frustration, but also hope and freedom."


"The opening scene was expertly choreographed, hectic, chaotic, at times orderly and at times disorderly."


"the play left us with a message of hope, pointing out that the value of life may simply lie in the virtue of itself ... it was impossible not to enjoy this play."

Read the full review HERE


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