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Our Shows

Past, present, and future, all our theatrical shows from day one, onwards



Book and Libretto by Georgie Botham
Score by Joe Davies

"It's the kind of crap they promised me was art"

Touring - Summer 2019

BT Studio, Oxford - 12th - 16th June 2018

How to Use a Washing Machine 


The Threepenny Opera 

"There was nothing 'lovely' about that, you idiot. That was art is what that was."

Oxford Playhouse 

17th - 20th October 2018

Book and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht
Music by Kurt Weill
English adaptation by Simon Stephens

Brave New World 

"But wouldn't you like to be free to be happy in some other way? In your own way … not in everybody else's way."

Keble O'Reilly 

8th - 12th May 2018

Aldous Huxley's novel adapted by Miranda Mackay

A collaboration with FourSevenTwo Productions

by Robert Evans


"And the telly plays silent in the window ... It flicks to the dull footage they have. Her last moves caught on security cameras ... The way she reaches up, takes his hand." 

Michael Pilch Studio

15th - 18th November 2017

Brave New World 

A Girl in a Car with a Man 

Shock Therapy 

"We are your memories. What do you say to me, when you remember me?"

BT Studio

6th - 10th February 2018

As part of the New Writing Festival 2018


"You know I wish they’d bring that umbrella we asked for"

"We asked for that umbrella seven years ago"
"It must have got lost in the post"

A play in one act by Linden Hogarth

Michael Pilch Studio

January 2017

As part of the New Writing Festival 2017

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