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"And the telly plays silent in the window ... It flicks to the dull footage they have. Her last moves caught on security cameras ... The way she reaches up, takes his hand." 

by Robert Evans

at the Michael Pilch Studio, November 2017

Stella's left the TV studio after her daily slot. Alex is up for a big night out. David has opted for a quiet evening in. But this is no ordinary night - as truth begins to lose its strength against intrigue, boundaries of identity become blurred. But there's an abduction on the news and it won't stop raining.

Premiering at the Royal Court in 2004, Rob Evans’ ‘A Girl in a Car with a Man’ will be brought to the Pilch Studio this November. SLAM Theatre’s electric production will combine stylized movement with fragmented narrative, overlaid with haunting video design, to question whether reality is behind or in front of the camera.




Assistant Director
Stage Manager
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Sound Engineer
Costume Design
Set Design
Marketing Manager

Graphic Design

Georgina Botham
Georgina Hayward
Callum Coghlan
Zoe Stockton

Ben Darwent 
Jonny Danciger

Jake Meyer 
Jonny Adams
Alice England
Isabella Rooney

Franciska Csongrady 


Shot and edited by Ed Botham


Oxford Opening Night

"My eyes hardly ever left the stage. I was utterly transfixed."

"The attention to detail in this production is phenomenal."

"This is an incredibly ambitious piece to take on, but Botham and her cast and crew can be assured that their work is a triumph."

"I left the theatre with a pervading sense of disquiet and pensiveness, but I woke up this morning with my head still full of the low hum of the rain and cassette recorders that resounded throughout the piece."

Read the full review HERE


“It certainly wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that this preview was, put quite literally, electric”

[review only available in print]


Photography, videography and editing by Georgie Botham

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